Posted by: careerworks | November 3, 2010

Finally the Election is Over

Well, except for a few races it’s over. So today would be a great day to start your career search over, right? After all we used the campaign season as an excuse; employers are interested in the election not hiring.

Today, let’s start connecting with the people in our network and show a renewed energy to get where we need to go. Like the new congress will need to do, let’s be able to describe the problems we solve and the solutions we provide.

Face it, there are many things that as individuals we can’t control. Like the economy, what the weather will be like today, and so on. But we can control our level of activity in looking for a new job. Make it a point to call at least 5 people every day. Call them early in the morning not late in the afternoon giving them an opportunity to help you today rather than the next day or sometime in the future.

People in your network will appreciate a chance to help you find what you’re looking for. They’ll feel good being of some assistance  to you, helping you get what you want.

Don’t be bashful or shy in making the connections  you need to make. A whole world of opportunity is out there for you, all you need to do is go get it.


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