Posted by: careerworks | December 7, 2010

Holiday Card Networking Tool

I should have posted this earlier this month but I guess, better late then never. The Holidays are a great time to reconnect with people that you haven’t talked to in a while. Maybe you met some folks earlier in the year as you utilized networking in your search, and have been wondering how to reach out to them without being a pest.

The Holidays present the perfect opportunity to update people about your search progress and to get your name in front of them again.

Personalize your Cards:

If you are going to bother to send Holiday Cards, take the time to personalize them in a way that makes you memorable. It may mean that if your writing the past few years has mostly been via keyboard that you spend a little time brushing up on your penmanship. Think of how few handwritten cards we get these days. I know that most of my friends and family send photo cards that are preprinted with names. Sometimes an original signature is the extent of the personalization.

You’ll want to make sure you message can be read easily and is tailored to the person you are sending it to. As an additional memory jog, you should also include a business card because things may have changed with the individual to whom you are writing. If there is an opportunity, you’ll want them to have easy access to your contact information.

Time your cards to make sure they’ll arrive before the Holidays for the greatest impact. Nobody likes receiving Holiday cards or Birthday cards late.

Look for a pleasing card with ample space to write on the inside. Most retailers have cards that celebrate all the Holidays without getting too mushy or favoring one religion over another. (We don’t want to offend when we’re trying to connect).

Finally, sending a Holiday card makes the recipient feel they are more to you than a member of your LinkedIn list or a job search connection. It’s always the little things that make the difference so take full advantage.


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