Posted by: careerworks | December 21, 2010

New Year Job Hunt Resolution

Well we’ve come to the end of another year and with the turning of the calendar, we have a perfect opportunity for a fresh start with better results.

Networking in the Job Hunt Game

Having prepared a list of skills and accomplishments you are now able to describe what you did, how you did it, and what the result was.  These are the elements that will make you attractive to a prospective employer.  We need to know what skills make us unique and valuable in the marketplace, and how to communicate that information to others.

Today you will learn how to use networking to look for a job.  Following certain basic rules will enable you to take control of the process and the results.  Before you begin your search, you must take a good hard look at the product you are putting on the market.  The competition is keen- How do you measure up?  Check your attitude, your physical presentation, and your mindset.  To be successful, you MUST be: Focused, Sincere, Physically, mentally, and emotionally fit, and Courteous.

Once you have these factors in order, it is necessary to go into networking committed to the following “rules.”

Don’t bother with shortcuts.  Do it right.  (Especially with word processing.  I can’t begin to tell you how many letters have been addressed to me as Mrs. or Ms. Every letter must be an original).

Don’t ask for favors.  Don’t pull strings.  Preserve your dignity.  Maintain your integrity.

Ask for advice.

Don’t delegate.  Do your own work.  Don’t ask others to do for you what you can do for yourself.

Always take the burden of action into your own hands.  Keep the ball in your court.

If you can’t be positive, be silent.

Never divulge salary history or goals to anyone, unless an offer is on the table AND there is a specific reason to do so that works to your benefit.

Never accept or reject an offer when it is first presented.

Always listen to your inner voice.

When preparing your marketing plan, you will need to keep the following in mind:

Rule #1: We don’t work for companies.  We work for people.

Rule #2: The person who will hire us will do so because we can solve his/her problems.  He/she does not care about our needs or problems.

Rule #3: People who hire are always on the lookout for people who they feel comfortable with, who express an interest in them or their organization, and who ‘fit’ into their culture.

Rule #4: Our job as job seekers is to find that person who has the problems we want to solve.

The Three Basic Assumptions:

Assumption #1: Given the choice, people would prefer to ‘yes’ to a reasonable request than ‘no.’

Assumption #2: We honor people when we ask for their advice and feedback.

Assumption #3: People prefer to be approached gradually.

These four rules, working in tandem with the three basic assumptions, explain why networking works.  You will need to work ‘with’ human nature, never ‘against’ it.

It is now time to hit the reference desk at the library, contact your friends, relatives and anyone else that you think might be able to help you.  Your goal in the market research phase is to find out where you might fit.  Once you have an idea of where you are going, I would suggest that you meet with a few people in that market to validate your perceptions about the market and where you fit.  Once validated, you will need to focus on those targets, (roles, companies, organizations, etc.) that suit you best.

Then put all this into action January 3rd and don’t stop until you land!


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