Posted by: careerworks | June 9, 2011

Winning the Job in Sixty Seconds or Less

Most interviews end before they even begin. In today’s competitive job market you really need to capture the attention of the interviewer by having the right answer to “Why don’t you take a minute and tell me about yourself.”

The reason is because most job seekers don’t customize their introduction for each interview, believing instead that one-size-fits-all intro’s work. They don’t!

To fix this problem take a close look at the job description and develop a list of questions to be answered. Questions about qualifications, requirements and must have’s. What does the employer need to know about you? These are the important elements that you need to convey early in the interview and you can’t get much earlier than your introduction.

Getting this information out early will put the interviewer at ease believing that you have the right skills and experiences they are looking for; tailor made for their needs.

I’ve sat through a myriad of interviews where the candidate droned on about stuff in which I had no interest. Don’t be one of those people. Instead do some homework to learn about their needs, their markets, and their interests.

The key is to address the top four to five items in their job description or qualifications list for your introduction and then prepare fifteen to twenty thoughtful questions to ask. The answers to these question will help you fill in the blanks that are missing in the job description or help you surface additional needs that the employer has that you can fill. Doing this will help you to build your value in the mind of the interviewer.

Remember too that the interviewer will learn more about you from the questions you ask than the answers you provide.


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