Posted by: careerworks | July 14, 2011

Are you Afraid to Ask For Help; Especially When You Probably Need It Most?

We all need help at one time or another—especially when we’re facing an interview for a job let alone the job search as a whole. And yet, most of us hang back, fearful of admitting our weakness or concern to a friend or colleague and seek help.

Many of us would rather handle the matter on our own. We buck up, stiffen our upper lip, dig in our heels, and go for it. But there’s no benefit in going through a challenge without support. Others have travelled the course before us so why not use their road map? You might be surprised at how many people want to give you a hand, an encouraging word, or a name or contact you can refer to.

Practice Makes Perfect

For some people ‘practice makes perfect’ is really, practice leads to progress. You learn along the way sometimes from doing things right and at times from making mistakes. So if you’ve landed a job interview and you feel worried or anxious about it, talk to someone in the know, a man or woman who has experience in this area; maybe someone who has just gone through it. Meet therm for lunch and ask questions, take notes, and perhaps ask that individual to do a ‘practice’ interview with you. It can make all the difference between walking into the meeting with the jitters or showing up with confidence and enthusiasm.

Just One Step at a Time

Also go to the library and use the Internet to find resources that will help put you at ease. Sample interview questions are available so you’ll have a sense of what to expect when you sit down across from the hiring manager. You’ll also see suggestions on how to present yourself, when to speak and when to listen, and what to wear.

Help is out there. It’s up to you to take hold of the people, places, and ideas that will move you to the top of the list of job seekers who are serious about landing the position of their dreams. There is a position for you, the one you know you’re suited for and ready to discuss with excitement and confidence during your next job interview.


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