Posted by: careerworks | September 26, 2011

New to the Job Hunt?

The job market is the most competitive it’s been since the early 80’s. So it’s no
surprise that there’s an increase in emails from people who haven’t had to
think about job hunting in a long time. Times have changed when it comes to
searching for a job, primarily because the Internet has changed the rules.

Here are some quick tips and suggestions for you to use.

When you submit a cover letter and resume, it’s best to put your cover letter in the
body of the email and then attach your resume. Just as it was earlier in your career, the content of the cover letter is very important, since it needs to be customized to the
opening and the company. A good cover letter also differentiates you from the
competition. It should make a compelling argument that you are the best candidate. Here is an example, “I was very interested to learn about the opening for a nurse in your ICU because I have a strong, successful track record that appears to match your requirements exactly.”

The same holds true for your resume. One-size-fits-all doesn’t cut it anymore. You
need to speak in results language and match your past results to the
requirements of the job.

Most HR departments are lean and so they are looking to the latest technology to
find talent for their openings. Most companies don’t want to use agencies, since so
many job boards are available. Most companies have their own career section on
their website and they make use of some of the better, secure job boards out
there (visit for a good list of the better job boards).  You will find tools, advice, and resources at Weddles too.

Employers scan for certain skill sets or certain kinds of experience. That means you need to be careful to use specific key words in your resume so your resume comes up
when employers are searching. For instance, they may want to hire a facility
manager but if you have used the term property manager, your resume won’t come
up when they search. Nouns are more important than adjectives, since key words
specific to the requirements of the job are what matter.

Conversely, when you are searching a job board to find your dream job, use the following search rules:

  • Use lower case letters in your search. If you use upper case, such
    as Property Manager, you will only pull up jobs where that phrase has been
  • If you require two specific things in your job search, such as
    healthcare and $75,000. Search with AND. For example, healthcare AND $75,000.
  • If you want to link two words, such as property manager, use
    quotes around the words: “property manager”.
  • If two phrases are interchangeable and you want to see jobs using
    both phrases, use “property manager” OR “facility manager.”

Incidentally, job seekers should know companies often search their own company name to see who is job-hunting. They are increasingly checking out social networking sites such as Facebook to find out what potential candidates are saying (or
showing) about themselves, so use common sense when revealing personal
information about yourself on the Web.

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