Posted by: careerworks | November 16, 2011

Being Thankful in Your Job Search

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s important to stop for a moment and
think about what you can be thankful for during your job search.

The job search can be a lonely, grueling process. Especially if you lost your
job and have encountered rejection; it’s easy to become frustrated, cynical,
and even depressed or angry. Taking a moment to think about what you are
thankful for can reinvigorate you, and you can reap major rewards going

There are many people who typically are helpful to you during your job
search. These include, first and foremost, your family. Then there are those
trusted former or current colleagues, supervisors or mentors who serve as
your references. It’s very important to maintain a good connection with them
to keep them updated in your search and never take them for granted. After
this small group, there are many people you may reach out to for advice and
guidance. This includes people who shared their time with you during
informational interviews, who provided career advice, or connected you with
their contacts to obtain an internal referral for a job. Thank them for their
part in your search, large or small.

The list goes on to include people who interviewed you but did not select you
for a position. This might surprise you, but maintaining a good connection
with a search team for a job that didn’t choose you can reap rewards in the
future by leading to referrals to other jobs that might be a better fit.

Consider keeping track of all the people you meet during your search, from
your most trusted mentors to people who spend a few minutes with you
providing advice over the phone. Keep track of your networking interactions,
and think about a way you could follow up with them to provide an update, not
just about your search, but about opportunities that might be of interest to
them, articles you’ve read, events they might want to attend, or updates about
other parts of your life (without crossing the personal-professional
boundary). And be sure to ask them what is going on in their life, and how
you could be helpful to them. Being thankful at all stages of the job search,
even when you are rejected, is an exceptional way to build and maintain the
connections that will help you be successful.

  Happy Thanksgiving!


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